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School Holiday Fun

This past week was a busy week at school. Not to mention we even had a snow day from school on Tuesday. Everyone was busy getting ready for their Christmas Performances so no matter where you were in the school you could hear kids singing Christmas Carols. There were lots of parties so the air smelled of pine, sweets and yummy foods! You saw lots of kids wearing Santa Hats and heard lots of “Happy Holidays” from everyone. The last week of school before winter break is so much fun…. and exhausting!

First grade had an adorable performance where some of the kids were Santa and some were reindeer and the title of the play is “Will the Real Santa Please Stand Up”. It was absolutely adorable!

The girls and I were also busy all week making little gifts for their classrooms! We made every student a Snowman Soup package. Inside each bag was a hot coco, candy canes, chocolate and marshmallows!


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  1. I miss those days! Good thing we now have tiny grandkids we can go see perform! WOW…you guys were busy! The “soup” is a cute idea and looks like you put a LOT of time into making them. How kind!

  2. Smart school, I love how the kids were just asked to wear anything brown and they jazzed it up with minimal accessories. Very cute and much less work-intensive for parents! 🙂

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