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Scholastic Parent & Child KidQ app for iPhone and Android

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Scholastic Parent & Child believes that one of the best ways to connect with your child is through conversation. The KidQ app for iPhone and Android facilitates conversation via fun Q&A’s about the things that kids (and parents!) are the most curious about, like Why do we get goosebumps? and How do the bubbles get in soda?

Each day, users receive a playful question that serves as a conversation starter along with the official answer. Families will have a blast as they compare their explanations to the facts!

The new Scholastic Parent & Child KidQ app is available on your apple or android products. If installing on Apple you need to have ios 7.1 or greater so unfortunately you can’t install on your original iPad.

When you open the app you will need to create an account (username and password) and then each day you get a new question. You can of course answer more than one question each day!



This has been fun for our entire family! We all get to take turns asking questions and trying to answer them. The kids (and us parents) learn interesting facts and it is the perfect bonding for our family!

If you are going on a road trip think about getting the FREE KidQ App. Want to spend some extra time with your kids? KidQ App is great!

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