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Savings with Huggies® Biggest Pack Ever

Being a mom to four life can get crazy busy! Running to the store daily for groceries and weekly for diapers is just something my husband and I got tired of! We decided it was time to invest in a Sam’s Club membership last year t help us save time and money!

Buying in bulk has been such a lifesaver for us. My kids have super jammed pack schedules during the week and as you can imagine four kids school lunches products go fast in our house. We knew that bulk buying not only would save us money in the long run, but it keeps us from having to do daily grocery store runs!

Diapers is one of them! We usually get all of our baby needs at Sam’s Club because I know it will last us a long time. Well we were super excited to learn about the  2-months supply of  Huggies® diapers (qty 312) at Sam’s Club!

Yes, that is right a TWO month supply of diapers! It was quite entertaining at Sam’s Club though because all of the workers made comments on “wow now that is a huge box of diapers” and they are right, but think about it, for 312 diapers it is about 67 dollars. We spend 20 dollars every time we go to the store for a pack of 74 diapers that lasts a few weeks, it actually costs less buying in bulk and I do not have to worry about running out in two weeks!

When we got home Mikey was pretty excited about the giant box (I know he was thinking a box to play with)

We love shopping at Sam’s Club! Having a Sam’s Club Membership has helped our big family save money and spend less time at grocery stores! You can head on over to the Membership Page to learn more!

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  1. Buying in bulk is great; yes, those extra large packs are great, so glad to have those stores to be able to buy in large quantities.

  2. Like a big package of toilet paper, a huge box of Huggies diapers is great and very reassuring to have on hand!

  3. My husband used to make fun of me because I would buy huge boxes of diapers…but then he saw how fast we went through him and totally changed his tune! I love stocking up and not having to go out in this cold weather we are having!

  4. sams club is great! we love shopping there. thats a huge box of diapers. I had no idea you could buy that many

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