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Sarah’s Kindergarten Work on Space

When I read this of course I said “awww” but it doesn’t surprise me one bit. Sissy can not go a day without her mama. She is my little shadow and has to always be touching me.

And for those of you who can’t read Kindergarten writing it says :

 “If I were in outerspace I would want to go home.”

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  1. Too precious. I keep many (maybe too many) of my kids artwork and little mementos. All of the kids had the same 1st grade teacher and she on Mother’s Day each year she would have them color a picture of their mom and write about their mom. I’m not sure what the teacher thinks of me but ALL three of my kids had a sentence that said “my mom loves chocolate”..but it IS true! they know me well!

  2. I could totally read Kindergarten.;)
    We watched the shuttle today on stream. I would want to go home too!

    that’s so very sweet!

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