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Sarah’s Kindergarten Alphafriend’s Circus

Mrs. A (Sarah’s Kinder teacher.. aka grandma)  has been working on the Alpha Friend’s Circus since the day school started last August. The kids have been practicing the songs all year long and throughout the year we have done some serious costume shopping!

Sarah was Queenie Queen and she had so much fun!  This is what she was singing when it was her turn to stand in the rings.

Queenie has qualified to run in the race.
She’ll run very quickly to keep up the pace.
Queenie is quite fit. She’ll stretch for a while.
Queenie will not quit.
She’ll run every mile.

Even Samantha got in on the fun and dressed up as a clown!

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5 Responses to “Sarah’s Kindergarten Alphafriend’s Circus”

  1. karen M says:

    They are sooooooo CUTE and ADORABLE!!
    Great Job on the costumes!!

  2. Tamara B. says:

    I just love the costumes and she looked beautiful!

  3. eva says:

    This is so cute and fun! <33

  4. courtney says:

    GREAT pics! and adorable costumes!

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