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Sarah learned to Whistle

A few days ago Sarah learned to whistle. I have no idea how she learned or who taught her because it wasn’t me. I don’t know how to whistle.

She has been whistling non-stop for the past few days, and although it’s so neat she learned to whistle it’s also driving me nuts!!!

Can you guess what she is whistling (before I say it?)

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32 Responses to “Sarah learned to Whistle”

  1. kristin says:

    how frecken cute is she!!!!
    .-= kristin´s last blog ..New From LeapFrog – LeapFrog Leapster Explorer =-.

  2. kristin says:

    and then she giggled!!!

  3. Jordan Brower says:

    Thats adoreable! I can’t remember when my kids learned to whistle, or even talk, but I know they don’t stop now 😀

  4. Melissa says:

    Very cute! My oldest learned how to whistle when she lost her first tooth. Now she’s afraid that she won’t be able to when the new one comes in! 🙂
    .-= Melissa´s last blog ..The first tooth =-.

  5. Renee Concolino says:

    I often hear my son whistling in the shower, and while its cute, I think— that’s gotta be tough or even potentially risky in terms of water swallowing…lol

  6. Tamara B. says:

    Too cute! I remember when my daughter tried her hardest to whistle but the funny thing is she was missing her two front teeth LOL

  7. April Vereb says:

    This is so cute! My son is always asking me when he’s going to learn to whistle! (he’s 6) That’s his big goal for the next year! 🙂

  8. Sharon says:

    Adorable! I thought it might be Jingle Bells (?!?) until the end! I worked with a gal whose mother was a national champion whistler. She even had a professional recording contract. It was really pretty amazing to listen to her, although after a while it made my ears hurt!

  9. momznite says:

    Ahhhhh….too cute! Recently a five year old girl showed me how she had learned to snap. She did a full body wiggle with each snap!

  10. Cheryl says:

    She is adorable! She’s really little to learn that already. Good for her!

  11. forex robot says:

    My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

  12. Stephanie says:

    She’s ahead of me – I still can’t whistle! My husband, however, is an A+ whistler. Hopefully, our girls will learn from him… 🙂
    .-= Stephanie´s last blog ..hike to bridal wreath falls =-.

  13. mommalovesmee says:

    Cool! This is so cute.

  14. Eileen says:

    I love this post! It is hard work & I guess that proves the saying, needing to “wet your whistle”? VERY CUTE!

    I remember I learned to whistle at about age 7 and stayed at my Grandma’s house for a week…I rocked on her porch rocker and whistled the WHOLE time. I was so missing my mom, I think I probably whistled SWING LOW< SWEET Cherry O…or whatever that song is. My dad was SO proud when they got back and saw I learned this. He used to whistle SO many songs and was SO good at it…miss that!

  15. Betty N says:

    I remember when one of my grandsons learned to whistle, it was like he was afraid he would lose tha ability to whistle if he didm’t keep whistling so we had a whistling time for a while!

  16. How sweet.. I love the smile. I, too thought it was Jingle Bells (which I think has the same melody as Mary Had a Little Lamb), but either way, it was adorable.
    Thanks for sharing it with us all! 🙂
    .-= Lorie Shewbridge´s last blog ..Free Hugs in Italy =-.

  17. Jessica says:

    She’s such a cutie! I still can’t whistle, I’m working on it though!!

  18. Sheena @ coNectar says:

    So cute! I thought she was whistling Jingle Bells!
    .-= Sheena @ coNectar´s last blog ..Pre-schoolers Play, Move, & Sing With Sukey’s Circle =-.

  19. Eileen Burke says:

    Very cute!
    I’m so glad to know I’m not the only adult in the free world who CAN’T whistle!!
    .-= Eileen Burke´s last blog ..Rayovac Powers Your Summer Promotion =-.

  20. anna christiansen says:

    learning to whistle is pretty empowering for the little midgies. she is adorable!

  21. hbomb says:

    It sounded like jingle bells! I still can’t even whistle! It ends up being a very silent whistle and lots of air. I could when I was little..but I guess my skills just went away, lol.

  22. Ellen Beck says:

    I don’t know what she is whistling-sounds like a couple of songs! She is growing so fast!

  23. Tabathia B says:

    She is doing a great job and my daughter can barely whistle for longer than 10 seconds and no tune.
    .-= Tabathia B´s last blog ..V-Tech MobiGo Smart Toy for kids Giveaways Galore =-.

  24. Brittney Canady says:

    This is so precious!

  25. Kari @ AGAM says:

    I thought she was gonna pass out there after all that whistling! Your girls are so freakin’ cute! Tell them I said hello – hopefully we can meet up this summer!
    .-= Kari @ AGAM´s last blog ..Uncle Bens Brown Rice – Making it Easier to Eat Better =-.

  26. Emily says:

    Precious! My niece is 5 and just recently learned how to whistle on her own. It is so high pitched I wouldn’t be surprised if she could break glass, haha.
    emilyjoymitchell at gmail dot com

  27. Tracy says:

    That is so exciting! My son whistles everywhere he goes now since he learned how.

  28. very married says:


    adorable! i remember learning how to whistle and not being able to stop!
    .-= very married´s last blog ..Exciting =-.

  29. That is so cute… love the little fake cough.
    .-= fancygrlnancy´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday watchin Yo Gabba Gabba =-.

    .-= Tiffany Pettey´s last blog ..MAKE EZ MONEY FROM HOME =-.

  31. I thought it was the Jaw’s theme at first,lol…Too adorable! My hubby cannot whistle, either!

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