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Samantha’s Birth Story

ok i had my 39th week app on the 9th and my midwife decided to try and strip my membranes again, first attempt on Tuesday didn’t work. i was at a 4cm and we all talked about just inducing, Melissa (my midwife) would be at the hospital the next day so we would induce the 10th at midnight. but i started having contractions every 4 mins and we left at 9:30pm (2 hours early) we got there at 10 and by 11 i was hooked up to an iv, pitocin, and penicillin (or however you spell it) my contractions weren’t very strong at this point but i was on total bed rest, that sucked big time. by 2 am i couldn’t take the pain anymore, i was crying, and i was only at a 4-5cm.So i got an epidural, it hurt really bad but by 2:45 am i was completely numb. well i finally got some rest. around 8:30 am the epidural started wearing off so i asked for a refill. which i didn’t get until almost 10 am because the anesthesiologist was called to 2 emergency c-sections. i was numb again but could feel the contractions a little bit, around noon they were getting pretty bad but i was only at a 7 cm, at this point i thought id be pregnant forever. Melissa finally came back, she had to take care of all these patients because the doctor she works under was called to these emergency c-sections. so she got there at about 1:20 pm and said that the baby’s head was right there, Pat at this time had decided to take a shower so we had to wait for him to get dressed. I pushed for only 14 minutes, don’t forget i was numb so i didn’t feel a thing, Melissa had to tell me when to push. at 1:44 pm Samantha Anne Acuna was born. She pooped all over me when she came out. At this we all through she was still a boy, the nurse starts wiping her off as i’m holding her and Pat cuts the umbilical cord. then the nurse goes to take her and as she picks her up i pull up the towel to look at “the parts” and say “it’s a girl” no one believed me and the nurse looks and confirms it. it was very funny. we have it all on video tape. we stayed at the hospital for one night and came home on Saturday. We are all doing good, I am in no pain, just a little sore, and Samantha is a beautiful baby. she looks just like Patrick, with my nose.


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