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Samantha received an award today!


I had no idea that there was an award assembly today. And I had no idea that Sam was getting an award too! My friend Zorayda was there and she took this picture of Sam for me. I feel so bad for not being there for her.

The award she got was for the Reflections Program. She moved onto the next level. District Level is next! 

I believe she got the award for Literature ( I am not sure, it doesn’t say on the award. It’s just a guess).

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  1. Awww…she looks so proud!!! No matter you didnt make it…your influence and
    “MOM LOVE” is with her every day no matter where she goes and quite possibly part of the reason she won this award. Isnt mother-guilt awful??!!! I get that a lot, as I miss so many of my kids’ events…not by choice but just circumstance. This happened to us before, too. YOU GOT THE SHOT, thanks to your friend so you get to see that proud smile always! I’d frame it so she knows how proud you are!

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