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Samantha called 911….. again

Well today Sarah let our little doggie jack out and well, he RAN!! He ran so fast we couldn’t find him. The girls and I went out quite a few times today searching for him and we couldn’t find him. So we came home with heads hung low.

Samantha took it upon herself to call 911, I overheard her talking to someone saying “I’m glad I called 911” I jumped up so fast and took the phone away. I had to explain to the nice operator that our dog got out and Sam though the police could help find him. I apologized numerous times to her and then sat down to explain ONCE AGAIN why we don’t call 911 unless it’s an emergency. She swears that it was an emergency. She needed her Dog back!

ACK! So about 13 minutes later a sheriff showed up at our doorstep. Sam saw him standing there and her jaw dropped. told her they would come and be upset because it was n’t an emergency.

anyways, so about 30 minutes ago I saw Jack running across the back yard and I lured him back in with a piece of cheese…

BTW- we figured out he is jack Russel Terrier and Chihuahua.

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