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Sam went to the Dentist

Samantha went to the dentist yesterday. She did great. At first she was unsure of the x-rays of her teeth but she let them do their job and then thought the x-rays were pretty neat. I found them to be really neat too. I have never seen x-rays of baby teeth, just permanent teeth so it was cool to see her permanent teeth that close to her baby teeth. The Dr’s also told me that the tooth right next to one she lost is about to fall out too. She did not have a single cavity either. They were very surprised at how well she takes care of her teeth/mouth. They told me that they hardly see a 5 year old with such little plaque build up. I told them it’s because she likes to brush her teeth.. a lot! We were there for about an hour and a half because I took her to Loma Linda University School of Dentistry, so it is a teaching school and it is where students get practice. I told my friend Jillian I felt like I was watching Grey’s Anatomy for Dentists.
I did get a few pictures of my girl at the Dentist (yes they are mostly for Grandma)
Here she is right after she sat down. When she was still nervous about everything.
Here Sam is getting her fluoride treatment at the very end. This was the intern who was assigned to Sam. He was so nice, and very good with kids.

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