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Sam & the Beauty Shop!

Samantha has had a few hair cuts in her little life, but today was the first time she went to the beauty shop! I can’t believe how short her hair is and how cute she looks!

Sam has a little friend at school who got a longer bob cut done and for the past 3 weeks all she talks about is how she wants to cut her hair, so today I decided to take her with me to the Salon. I figured it’s just hair and if she wants it cut why not let her. Hair grows back!

Here are some pics of her getting her hair done!

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  1. 🙂 Love her poses! She’s such a cutie, a haircut cant hide that. I liked her long hair, but it looks good short too.

  2. My 11yr old daughter is so funny at the salon..she will pour over the hairstyle books forever then get into the chair and always gets the same haircut..she’s a hair chicken (just like me!)

  3. Aww!! so cute! I’m a hairdresser fo 30 years and I love making the little ones feel special and beautiful!

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