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Safety at Home: 8 Tips to Keep Your Household Safe

Your home is your sanctuary and you should do your best to keep it safe, as well as your family. Learn how to with our tips on safety at home.

It’s easy to drop your guard when you’re at home. After all, it’s supposed to be your safe place. But you can never be too careful in today’s world. There were 1.2 million burglaries in 2018. You can’t be too careful with a number that high. Do you want to learn more about the best ways to keep your home safe?

Follow the eight tips below to make safety at home a priority.

1. Secure Your Front Door

A lock should be enough to secure your front door, right? Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. Depending on the building material, an intruder can get through your door by destroying it. If you want to stop this, find a door that isn’t hollow.

Once you get a door made of solid materials, make sure your doorknobs are secured well. If they become loose, someone can jimmy them with a credit card or other thin object to loosen them. If your knobs are removed, it’s easy for someone to get inside.

2. Tidy Up Your Yard

Not cleaning up your yard doesn’t only make it look bad. It also provides a way for intruders to get into your home. Do you have any ladders or climbing steps lying around? If so, someone can use these to get onto your roof.

Overgrown trees are also a problem. They allow intruders access to your upper levels. Make sure you maintain your trees and remove any limbs that have grown to your home. If you have any bushes or hedges that aren’t trimmed, it’s easy for someone to hide behind them. Hiding in these spots provide an intruder a place to set an ambush or observe your patterns to figure out when the house is empty.

3. Make Smart Use of Lighting

It seems like a good idea to turn off your lights during the night. But this can also work against you. When your lights are off, it gives a signal that people are sleeping or nobody is home. This time is perfect for someone to break into your house.

Turning on a few lights during the night can be enough to deter some intruders from breaking in. If you don’t want to leave your lights on all night, you can invest in smart lights that turn on and off during the night. Another option is to invest in motion lights outdoors. These lights only turn on when they detect motion outside. An intruder doesn’t want to be seen, so being lit up will scare most of them away.

4. Invest in Security Cameras

Lights aren’t the only thing that scares criminals away. A well-placed security camera will too. Place your security cameras at all the entrances to your home. If there isn’t a way to enter your home without getting caught on camera, many intruders won’t take the risk.

Even if someone does still attempt to get into your home, your cameras can help identify the intruders. Most products provide several days worth of footage. Hand this over to the police so they can work to track down the person who broke into your home. Are you looking for a good camera for your home? This selection of cameras is a great place to start.

5. Secure Your Garage Doors

A garage door is a heavy-duty door. You would think it would be hard to break down. While they are resistant to being torn down, you can still open a garage door from outside. You need to have security in place to stop this from happening.

You can start by making sure you don’t leave your emergency release open. You can place a barrier to stop it from going up or tie it down with a zip tie. If you want an alert whenever the garage door opens at night, you can install a sensor to detect when this happens. You can get a phone alert and have an alarm sound in your garage.

6. Shred Important Information

Do you still receive paper bills? Or do you have documents that have important information on them? Before you throw these out, run them through a shredder. Many criminals dig through the trash to find documents that have personal information on them. They can use this information to steal your identity and cause problems for you. By running paper through a shredder, a criminal won’t be able to reconstruct your personal information.

7. Meet Your Neighbors

Getting to know your neighbors isn’t only good for your social life. They can also help keep your home safe. When you become friendly with the people in your neighborhood, you can help each other stay safe. You can ask the people next door to keep an eye on your house whenever you leave home. They can notify you or the police if they see anything suspicious.

Your neighbors are also helpful if you’re away for an extended period. Having mail piling up in your mailbox is a sign that someone is on vacation. Have a neighbor check your mail, so it looks like someone is home.

8. Install a Security System

Even with all the preventive measures you take, some intruders will still try to get into your home. This is where a security system comes into play. You can install monitoring hardware that will detect when someone breaches your home. This monitoring is done by sensors that you place in all your doors and windows. If someone doesn’t have the disarm code, the security service is going to receive a notification.

If an alarm goes off, an intruder is going to know. When an intruder knows the police are on the way, they will be much less likely to stick around.

You can’t be too careful when keeping your family safe. Use the tips above to make safety at home a priority for your family. It doesn’t take much to stop people from trying to get into your house.

Are you looking for more tips that will help you run a more efficient household? Continue reading our blog to learn more tips that will help.

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