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Rubbermaid Garage Makeover {Part 1}

Over the past few months I have been working with Rubbermaid and working on a Garage makeover! First off we talked about what I wanted to do in my garage, what I had and how I wanted it organized!

We went over different ideas and here were images of garages I liked using the Rubbermaid Fast Track.

Here is what my garage looked like before:

We have received everything and since it’s just me putting things together, I have to wait for friends to help me out. So while the process is slow it’s going!

Here is everything stacked in the garage

So far I have put together one of the tall cabinets. WHEW!!! It was not easy, large heavy pieces, but I love how it looks…. one down, one to go! (Pictures below show the tall cabinet without the doors. We did put them on and will show a picture of them in the next post.)

So far all I have gotten done is organizing all those boxes shown in the before pictures. I went through every box and purged things I didn’t need and the things I kept were put back in labeled Roughneck Storage Boxes.

Terry from said: “Getting new doors for your garage can maximize space inside and give your garage a seek, modern appearance.”

*Rubbermaid supplied me with all the products needed to complete my Garage Makeover.

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  1. Hahaha your before looks better than my garage now. I am not sure I want to see part 2 since I will be jealous!

  2. Your garage is WAY cleaner than ours by far. We couldn’t fit half a car in it if we tried thanks to all the lawn care, grill, trash cans, much stuff!

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