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Rock-a-Bums Cloth Diapers *Giveaway closed*

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I am always on the lookout for a great Cloth Diaper that  will work for our busy lifestyle. I was really interested in the  Rock A Bums 5-in-1 Cloth Diaper. Especially because of all the features! It is an; All-in-one, Pocket, All-in-2, Hybrid and a “Bomb” Shell Cover.

One thing i noticed right away was the bamboo charcoal on both the Diaper Shell and the Inserts!  bamboo charcoal wicks moisture away from baby and prevents stains in both the shell and insert.

The Rock A Bums Cloth Diaper is known for it’s 5-in-1 feature!

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Depending on how you like your diapers this is a great diaper with all the features. From AIO to AI2, pockets, a shell and hybrid. If you like using disposable inserts you can use those with the Rock A Bum diaper.

I love that they fit great on Shelby and give her maximum coverage on her tush! You can see the nice high rise on her back , this is so you don’t get blow outs!

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The easy snap down rise makes it fit babies until they are ready to potty train so it’s a great diaper to use from start to finish.

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Rock A Bums comes in three colors, red, white and black. you can choose between snap and velcro. The diapers are $16.95 and comes with 2 washable inserts.  You can purchase additional inserts as well.

Be sure to check out Rock A Bums on Facebook to see what promos and giveaways they have going on!

ONE winner will receive a  Cover (winner can choose their choice of color: red, black, or white) and two inserts!


giveaway closed

*A product was provided.

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  1. Those are very stylish! I’d pick black with red snaps! My son is only wearing diapers overnight now, so i’d probably put this one away to keep it brand new for our next babe!

  2. The black with red snaps! And we would use it as a two in one so we could get a few uses out of the cover before washing! The less washing makes things last longer- that’s how we roll here! 😉 and ps love the high rise rump!

  3. I would choose black snaps – I love my white snaps, and I most often use it as a pocket diaper! But I love the flexibility of being able to use it as a AIO and AI2 as well!

  4. I loved the black with red snaps! i would probably try it out every possible way:) i think i’d like it best as an AI2 tho.

  5. I love the red with black snaps! Really cute! I would use this on my 20 month old son, then pay it forward 🙂

  6. I would choose the black diaper with snaps 🙂 I would be using it on my daughter Lily but will hopefully have another babe in the future that can rock a rock a bum 🙂

  7. I’d probably go with white with black snaps since the velcro isn’t out yet. If it were I would go with that! I would probably just use it as a cover. I’m not much of a AIO or AI2 fan. I def don’t to pocket diapers!! Most likely flats and this cover =)

  8. I would choose the Black one in Velcro! I’d probably use it as an All-in-One or All-in-Two since the winner gets two inserts!

  9. Black with red snaps all the way. I’m probably going to try a few different ways once my lo arrives next month. 🙂

  10. I love the black with the snaps and I would use it as a pocket diaper and try it as a hybrid. Would look awesome under his “hello kitty kiss” shirt 🙂

  11. All of the colors are so nice and vibrant it is hard to choose which I like best. I think I would probably pick the black though because it is the one my husband likes best. We would most likely use it as an AIO or AI2.

  12. I would choose the black diaper with red snaps. I LOVE how it looks with the Beatles shirt… I have that shirt also.

  13. Would totally pick the ‘Rock-a-Bums with Snaps – Black’, because its so cute, it can go with anything – and most importantly it’d look awesome with a little Falcons jersey I’m looking for 😉

  14. I am looking forward to the prints that they have coming but I would like Red w white snaps (or black) I dont have much for red diapers

  15. I would love to try this out as a night time diaper for my almost 9 month old. Daubing undo would love the red and black!

  16. I would use this for my 9month old niece I watch 3-4 days a week, it really annoys me that she’s in disposables, I would love to cloth her while she’s here

  17. I would choose black, perfect for racing season. All in ones and covers are all I have used thus far. I haven’t decided which I like best, they both have advantages.

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