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Relaxing Sunday

Sorry guys that I have not blogged anything today. It is Hubby’s day off and we had such a nice day.

We have a friend named Bryan who has an older brother, so we decided to take him to see his brother out in Anaheim, and since he lives about 2 blocks away from Disneyland we went to Down Town Disney and went to the Rain Forest Cafe. The girls had a blast staring at the different fish tanks and we all had a great lunch.

After walking around Down Town Disney we decided to go bowling. Sam had a blast bowling. She loves it!

Now were home and watching a movie. Hubby and Bryan went to the store so I thought I would jump on here really quickly while they were gone and say “HI!!!”

oh and Samantha starts her SECOND year of Ballet on Tuesday!!!

PS= I would have taken pictures of today except my digital camera broke. *CRY* no seriously, I am VERY upset that I don’t have a camera. *WWHHHAAAAHHHHH*

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