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Reading Olympics

This year the girls did awesome in the Reading Olympics. Sarah got Gold and Samantha Silver!

And they both had different assembly times so I had to wait around lol.

I am so proud of them both for all their efforts into reading.


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5 Responses to “Reading Olympics”

  1. kristin says:

    They are both such wonderful little people!!

  2. Heather H. says:

    WOW that is awesome! I’ve never heard of this before-maybe you can write a post about what this entails and see if our local schools can participate in something like this.

  3. Eileen says:

    They look SO proud Amanda! You should be proud of YOU too…parents are the number one person instrumental in showing kids the love and adventure of reading. Sure, some kids just never develop this no matter what, but setting an example really makes a difference. I have one VERY strong reader here and she’d rather have books than toys or treats since very young. She asked for book store gc for holidays and bdays and wants a reader SO bad…kinda out of the realm of budget now but makes me so proud she has such a bond with books.Reading takes you everywhere you want to go while reading AND when you are an adult going on to school and looking for a career…the basis of every subject! congrats to your girls and you as parents!

  4. Heather Stamper says:

    I havent ever heard of a Reading Olympics, it sounds like both girls did Great!


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