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Pucker Up Under the Mistletoe with Sugee

Sugee is pleased to announce its debut line of cute, collectible, and wearable lip gloss characters. For the first time ever, girls can chose between dozens of designs, scents, and flavors that are affordable and collectible, and filled with a loads of personality!

Sugee created this line specifically with tween and teen girls in mind, and made them the perfect size to carry them around everywhere you go.

Meet the Sugee Girls:

With dozens of different designs, scents, and flavors, the fun is endless.

You can:

● Collect each of these characters
● Wear them around your neck
● Clip them onto your backpack
● Put them on lanyards
● Wear them like charms
● Get creative and find new ways to wear your Sugee!

Available at Toys R Us, and specialty stores around the country.

*A product was received.

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  1. These are so cute- I have nieces and a ton of friends with little girls!! They would also make really great party favors for a birthday party.

  2. I like Lisa’a idea about birthday party favors – and I like that in theory these should be harder to lose because they can be so easily kept track of. In theory.

  3. Oh my, my nice is going to LOVE these. She’s obsessed with lip gloss right now (I think she eats it more than she wears it). These would make awesome stocking stuffers as well-I just know she’s going to want to collect all of them. Thanks for the review.

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