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Protect your Noodle! – Joovy Noodle

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We are really strick with our older girls when they ride their bikes they need a helmet, but we never thought that our toddler would need one too. But the fact is Shelby will soon enough be wanting to get on a tricycle or other ride on toy and it’s important her head is protected!

We love that the Joovy noodle is made for toddlers!The Noodle helmet is for children 1 – 4 years old with a head size between 18.5 – 20.5 inches (47-52 cm).

The Joovy Noodle features 14 air vents, integrated bug mesh in the front vents, extended visor for maximum protection, nylon straps, pinch guard chin strap, and an adjustable fit dial.  It is a great looking helmet and comes in various colors.

I love that the back has a dial that makes it adjustable and for the perfect fit on your little one’s head. The straps also are adjustable. This is the perfect helmet for those younger children (toddlers).

Joovy recommend using it when children ride bikes, trikes, ride-on cars, scooters, bike trailers and other activities like these. We love using it with our Cocoon x2 (when it’s a Bike Trailer)

Head on over to to learn more and order your Noodle!

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  1. I love that your daughter is wearing a helmet even though she is in the wagon. So many parents let their children ride without a helmet. I think by not enforcing safety at an early age, when they are on any form of a bike, they will only learn to not wear one in the future. If you start them early they will expect that you MUST wear one if you are on a bike.
    To me its like riding in a car. You put on your safety belt or the car does not move

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