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Product Feature: Must have baby product those first few months! (and beyond)


tommee tippee nursing cover

The first few months with a new baby is challenging. You and baby are getting used to a whole new world and routine. If you are like me than exclusively breastfeeding your newborn is hard too. It really doesn’t matter if you are having your first baby or fourth baby, every new baby brings new challenges.

And with new babies comes new products. Everyone telling you what to buy and you have to have this or that. It can be so confusing and frustrating.

So I have to say that one item I have now used with two babies is my Tommee Tippee Nursing Cover.  I have really loved my cover, it allows me to adjust the neck and I can still see baby. The underside of the cover is terry so I can use it for spit ups or like a burp cloth.


Being an active mom to four I find myself out and about a lot with my kids. I love that I can nurse in public using my cover. I can nurse him any time, any where and not feel uncomfortable exposing myself.


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  1. So many of my friends have chosen not to breastfeed, but still use these for other baby time while out in public. They made great privacy shades when soothing baby to sleep and work well on strollers too!

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