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Prince Lionheart washPOD

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Introducing the ultimate warm and secure space for bath time. The WashPOD provides a better way to bathe your little one in an environment that emulates that of a mother’s womb. The baby in the WashPOD will naturally convert into the fetal position. Because this is such a familiar feeling it will quickly soothe, calm, and relax the baby and allow them to bathe without feeling out of their element. Recommended by physicians and midwives as one of the best ways to bathe your newborn baby.

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When I first heard about the WashPOD I was very interested in checking it out. My first thought was how much water you would save bathing the baby, and second, you could bath the baby anywhere in the house. My thought was, I could use it and be near the girls as well. The WashPOD does take a few tries to get used it at first with a newborn, holding them with one arm behind and making sure you have all your items right at hand.


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