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Prince Lionheart: flexiBATH with the new flexiBATH infant support

I heard about the flexiBATH last year and thought it sounded really interesting. The idea of having a fold away baby bath tub seemed neat. But at the time I didn’t have a baby so there was no point in checking it out.

Then I started seeing other people use it for so many different things… not just a baby bath tub! This past month we had the chance to check out the flexiBATH by Prince Lionheart.

The bath itself we LOVED I can see us using this with Shelby as she grows. It will save us a lot of water for her baths and when she outgrows it (if we don’t have any other little ones) we can use it to store her dolls or toys.

The flexiBATH is the ultimate solution to fun bathing and space saving! With a simple snap, the flexiBATH opens to a large bath tub or folds flat, perfect for storing or traveling.

Excellent for bathing and great for so many other uses.

• Multi-Purpose
• Multi-Award Winner
•Easy to clean
•Rigorously tested for durability
•Easily folds when not in use or for travel
•Features drain plug to easily dispose of dirty water
•BPA FREE and contains NO heavy metals, phthalates or other harmful materials
•Recommended for ages 0-4 years

The flexiBATH comes in four awesome colors: blue, pink, white and green.

We also received the flexiBATH infant support since Shelby is only 3 months old. I love the concept of the support. It did take me a few tries to get used to it with her laying in it.

Shelby LOVES her baths so she kicks and flails her arms like crazy which means she also started to slide off the support.

The flexiBATH infant support is a simple and well-designed baby bath support, which ensures maximum comfort and safety, while allowing complete freedom of movement for the baby. The design was inspired by the mother’s womb and the support of a steady arm while bathing. The bath support is designed to fit the baby’s body shape, holding it gently in place and making sure the baby stays safely within the seating bowl of the bath support. This design is also practical as the baby develops and g rows in size. The flexiBATH support can be used for infants until 6 months of age, weighing below 17lbs.


*A product was received as part of the Prince Lionheart Elite Writers Group

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  1. I really like that it’s an easy fold for travel, which is hard enough already when bringing children along. Of course, the color options are also a plus for me.

  2. Thank you for this review! I was just looking into the flexiBATH this morning for our second little one due in just a couple of weeks. I was thinking that it wouldn’t work for us until later on since there was no infant support. Now I see that there is an infant support available, I am definitely going to purchase one. This looks so great, especially since space is limited in our home!

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