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Ask any kid to reveal their favorite thing about summer (other than being out of school!) and you’ll most likely get a snoot full of water as your answer. Whether they soak you with a perfectly-timed cannonball or toss a well-aimed water balloon, their goal is saturation. Well, move over, Marco-Polo! There’s a new pool time favorite in town and its name is Max Liquidator.

Prime Time Toys, Ltd. is happy to be moving into 2009 with a strong patent for the greatest water blaster ever made. Already a huge success with US retailers, Max Liquidator is a water shooter that’s cleverly disguised as an unassuming floating foam noodle. Its patented water blaster features make it is easy for people of all ages to propel streams of water up to 30 feet with one pump while swimming. It’s safe, soft and fun! Noodle and Water Blaster ALL IN ONE!

We love playing with these while visiting the girls Great Grandma’s house! They are a lot of fun and any kid will love them.

Here are the kids playing with the different toys:



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  1. My son would love the Monster Blaster Liquidator

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  4. I’d like the Dolphin Critter Blaster. Thanks for the review and giveaway. Wouldnt be summer without water toys!

  5. My grandson would love the Monster Blaster Liquidator. That looks like a lot of fun! Thank you!

  6. I am sure my son would love the Hydro Blaster Pro- anything with water is a hit in our yard!
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  7. My sons would have a blast with these!!! I also like the Hydro Blaster Max. Guess if we win, I'll need to get one too, to defend myself against my two sons. lol
    These really look like so much fun. Thanks so much for offering this giveaway!

  8. What a fun giveaway. I know the boys would also like the Hydro Blaster Max since it can spray 30 feet.

  9. The Hydo Blaster Max looks like so much fun!! My daughter and her friends would love to play with this! Thanks for the chance to win.
    You rock, girl!

  10. Master blaster liquidator…we had something like this a Lake Powell last year…it was a "blast"! LOVED IT!

  11. The Blaster Board Liquidator sounds like it's right up my alley for playing in the pool with my 9 yr old son and 6 yr old niece.

  12. The Blaster Board Eliminator would keep my daughter in fun the whole summer long. kneecree at gmail dot com

  13. The bow delivery system of watery but soft arrows looks like a skill builder and water fun too.

  14. I also like the Hydro Blaster Pro Squirting Water Toy

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