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Pregnancy Week 32 – Hello 8 Months!

I am so excited to hit 32 weeks. That’s 5 weeks until full term and the countdown. I am one of those pregnant women who counts down to full term but that is the goal after that you just receive the constant phone calls “did you have the baby yet?”

We have been on Winter Break from school so luckily I haven’t heard any of the annoying comments or remarks like “your big” or “your small”. In fact I am already counting down the days to Maternity Leave!

I have been busy buying the last of the things I need and want for Shelby with the Glider and Ottoman being my last big purchase to  make and the rest are just little things. I love sitting in Shelby’s spot n our room and imagining her in there, it’s just so exciting how close it is until she is here in our arms!

I have my next midwife appt. next Tuesday and it will be my 33 week appointment. I think I have one more every 2 week appointment then start weekly appointments until the baby comes! As of my last appointment I still have not gained any weight (which I am happy and so is my midwife) and my fundal height was 34. But I have measured ahead the entire time even though baby measures perfectly. I am not worried about a bigger baby (yet) as I know I had an extra layer of fluff lol.

Your Baby in Week 32 of Pregnancy

What’s up with your baby? She’s starting to get ready for her big debut, tipping the scales at almost four pounds and topping out at just about 19 inches. In these past few weeks, it’s all about practice, practice, practice as she hones the skills she’ll need to thrive outside the womb — from swallowing and breathing to kicking and sucking. And speaking of sucking, your little one has been able to suck her thumb for a while now. Something else to note: As more and more fat accumulates under your baby’s skin, she’s becoming less transparent and more opaque.

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  1. I hate when people comment on how big, or small my baby bump is! With my last pregnancy, several people asked if I was having twins. One lady asked me if I was sure! Duh! Pregnant people do not want to be told they look like they are having twins!!

    1. I know! Like you don’t know if your having twins or not. hello we have had ultrasounds, there’s only one in there!

  2. OHmygosh, I know it probably seems like a long wait but it seems that the time has just flown! After having so many kids the people asking about the baby and calling all the time, etc. never bothered me much, I knew they were all just very excited to meet the baby too. But the comments about MY size…you do NOT do that to a woman. Pregnant or not. Never. I am pretty short at only 5’2 so I was pretty much like a snow man when “done’. I didnt need anyone to tell me that!

  3. When I switched midwives at about 17 weeks the new ones don’t measure my fundal height, so I’m really curious what it is! I was behind a week at about 14 weeks, but baby measured a little big at my u/s. Hmmm!

    1. I have always measured WAY ahead this pregnancy except for recently. At my 33 week appt. I was measuring 35, so still ahead but not like I was (28 weeks and measuring 34)

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