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Pregnancy Week 18

When I think of week 18 I think that in 20 weeks we could be welcoming our baby, or in 19 weeks we will be considered full term. I had both of the girls at 39 weeks so that would be pretty awesome if this little one comes then too!

Nothing new this week except I have felt a little more kicks and movement from the baby. When I listen to her on the doppler I hear lots of “bloops” which are her moving around. Last night I even felt her move when I heard the “bloop”.

Pat is anxious to feel her move from the outside. He will just sit there in bed waiting and hoping she kicks him. I told him not to worry soon enough he will feel her all the time.  Even the girls try to “listen” to her. Everyone is so excited for her and for Feb. to come.

Lets see, I still am not interested in eating my favorite food, Mexican food. and I want sweets all the time (just like with the girls). Fruit makes me burp like crazy and I can never get enough salad.

Yesterday at school one of the students said “Miss Amanda, you look skinnier” I laughed and said, “that’s funny when I have a growing baby in my tummy!” Gotta love kids!

I have my next midwife appt. on Tuesday. She wanted to see me in 3 weeks to check my uterus size, which to me still feels at my belly button where it should be. I just think it grows quickly and then stays that size for a month, then grows to make room again, like it did at 9 weeks and then didn’t grow again until 15 weeks. I could be totally wrong of course, but it’s my logical way of thinking.

I think I am up about 5 lbs right now too which is good for halfway done!

Your Baby Week 18:

 Your little one is about 6 ounces and 5 to 6 inches long (crown to rump). Baby is about the size of a sweet potato. Although she’s enveloped by the familiar sound of your beating heart and rushing blood, she’s conscious of noises from the outside world, too. They filter through the bones forming in her ear and to her developing brain. Her sense of sight is evolving as well; the retinas are more sensitive to light, and if you bask under a hot sun, she’ll perceive a red glow. Other skills she’s showing off: yawning, swallowing, sucking, hiccuping, and making faces.

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  1. So funny, I never connected the baby’s gender with what I was craving. But I did see the gender predictor questions and it said boy means spicy and salty and girls mean sweet! My daughter due soon is SO craving sweets and she is having a girl…my other daughter craves REALLY hot and spicy and salty foods…and she is having a boy. Too funny! With 6 kids I never figured that out.
    SO happy for you Amanda:) I know having hubby feel the baby moving is really special too. Won’t be long!

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