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Baby #4: Pregnancy Week 15

14 weeks

In all honesty I feel like I have been pregnant forever!!! I  have had the worst morning sickness I have ever had and as soon as I started feeling better from the constant nausea I started having headaches!

This past week I have had to deal with the lovely Sciatic Nerve! Seriously when am I going to just feel fine? I already am chasing after my two year old and running my older girls to and from their activities I would love to feel some what normal for just a little bit.

OK, done complaining lol!  What I really have missed is my daily exercise and running four miles five days a week! I said once I felt better I would get back to jogging/walking but now with my sciatic already acting up I just am feeling so blah.  Hopefully as my body gets used to baby growing and balancing I can get out and walk before the weather gets cold!

We also know the gender of baby #4!!!!

Baby at 15 Weeks:

The baby this week is about 5 inches and 2 ozs. That is roughly the size of a navel orange and weights that of a chicken egg.

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  1. ok,,to find out that early,,it must be a boy! I used to work in a ob/gyn office as a nurse,and I saw my grandsons “stuff” at 12wks,,lol,,she didn’t believe me or the doctor cause she was hoping for a boy,but he was there in all his glory

      1. I knew it! I worked for years doing untrasounds in the office,,as I said I saw my grandsons at 12wks,,he just turned just right,,my daughter said maybe that’s the cord,,i said no ,unless he has two

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