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Pregnancy & Flu Shots – Available at Target

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I’ll admit that I had never received the flu shot before, especially not while pregnant. In fact, I really didn’t know the importance of getting the flu shot before this pregnancy. I didn’t realize how much the immune system is compromised during pregnancy. That is, until I got the flu right after Thanksgiving.

When all three of my kids came down with the flu, I thought I would be fine and it would skip right over me. I thought wrong. I came down with a case of the flu that lasted almost a week, and I had every symptom possible.

What you may not know is that the flu during pregnancy can be dangerous. Dehydration from the flu can cause contractions and pre-term labor, which is exactly what happened to me!

On day five of having the flu, I found myself with constant contractions. I was only 30 weeks pregnant and getting really worried. I called my midwife and talked to her about what was going on. She suggested getting electrolytes in my system, but that I would need to head to the ER for monitoring and IV fluids if the contractions continued. Within a few hours, the contractions had stopped and I was able to get some sleep. I was very lucky that it didn’t get any more serious because there are a lot of pregnant moms admitted to the ER due to the flu!

I really wish I had gotten the flu shot much earlier—right when the flu season had started. It was only after getting sick that I headed to Target and received my flu shot. I got my flu shot even after being sick, because the flu strains can change and I don’t want to get a different strain and have the flu again this season. Being a mother of (almost) four, I need to be able to stay healthy for all of my little ones. I hope that the shot helps me fight off the flu for the images[2]remainder of my pregnancy and the rest of winter, so I can keep up with their everyday moves.

If you are pregnant, I highly suggest you speak with your health care provider about receiving the flu shot this season.

You can also check to see what flu activity is like in your area by visiting the Everyday Health Flu Map and entering your zip code. While there, you can read helpful information on preventing and treating the flu. You can schedule receiving your flu shot at your nearest Target Pharmacy or Target Clinic.

So, what was your reason for getting the flu shot this year?

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  1. I don’t do flu shots, but that is great that they are available for the people that need or want them so easily!

  2. I was on the CDC site earlier learning about germ protection because I get so nervous about germs working in Chicago. I did notice that every article pertaining to flu season has proof that the flu shot is the #1 way to stay healthy! I just used your Flu Map and confirmed that pretty much my entire state is “severe”.

  3. I got my flu shot, because being sick is the absolute pits! You can’t get anything done because you’re sick, and you can’t have any fun while you’re not getting anything done because you’re sick!

  4. I always made sure to get the flu shot when I was pregnant. I did not, however, get it this year and ended up with the flu. I was the only one in my house who didn’t get the shot and I was the only one who got sick. It was a long, miserable 5 days. I highly recommend getting it. I would hate to see anyone feel as bad as I did. I didn’t realize it was as easy as getting it at Target!

  5. How scary, premature labor is no joke and if you can prevent it then GREAT. I am sorry you got the flu but so glad you are sharing! We got our shots this year and have been flu free KNOCK ON WOOD!

  6. We always do the flu shot because we have one little one with asthma and a FIL who had a bone marrow transplant last year. We cannot have the flu in this house 🙂

  7. I usually get my flu shot every year. This year i was really busy and did not find the time to go and get it. I have been sick now for over a week. I will not put it off next year.

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