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I can still remember when I was pregnant with Samantha and had no clue what to expect with pregnancy or a new baby. I turned to the internet and started web searching forums and communities to find other young moms who were looking for support like me.

A new community I just heard about is Babies Base. Even now with Shelby I have found some useful articles. (it has been seven years since I had a baby)

Baby Base has articles from Getting Pregnant, Pregnancy, Baby, Toddlers and kids!

I really like the forums, you can usually find advice right away (of course your dr. is best to ask) but for simple parenting suggestions like easing an upset tummy the forums are a great way to get some quick advice!

I currently have concerns with weaning the baby so I like to find out from other moms the ways they weaned and to see what will work for us!

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