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Pregnancy 41 weeks….. sigh

Well here we are March 1st and 41 weeks pregnant. Monday night we spent a good 6 hours in early labor with contractions every 4-5 minutes that only got more painful as the hours past. But after four hours of no change we went home, well more like a hotel room due to the weather. Around 2 am we finally went to bed, I thought if labor would start at least I would get a little rest in between the contractions.

Well they fizzled out, and we saw my midwife on Tuesday morning, then spent the day walking around. Sure we had contractions throughout the day but that was about it. Wednesday was the same… sporadic contractions. Although since Monday the contractions are much different than before. Before they were like Braxton Hicks where my stomach would get hard as a rock but no pain. Now when I get then, they hurt and I have to breathe through them.

At my internal check on Monday night I was 2cm, 50% effaced and baby girl is at a -3 station…. she just wont engage!!!

Today (41w) I have another midwife appointment this morning along with an NST and a BPP. We had both done on Monday and baby girl scored perfect. Still gobs of fluid and placenta is great. So at least through all this emotionally draining crap baby girl is doing perfect and kicking away.

I wont even give you an update of the 41 week pregnancy because it’s terrifying to read and has me in tears. This journey has been hard, both physically and emotionally. From the miscarriage a year ago and the struggles with adding to our family (even from when we were trying to Sarah), to the morning sickness that lasted until 20 weeks and now going well post date… I am not sure how much more I can handle.

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  1. Thinking of you Amanda. You’ll forgot all of this once you see her beautiful little face 🙂

  2. Hang in there friend! It will not, and can not, be much longer. You’ve come so far and you’re at the finish line, now you just have to cross it!

  3. My heart goes out to you. I’m almost at 34 weeks right now and the thought of going to 41 makes me cringe. I will be praying that you deliver soon and without complications!! Best of luck, I’m excited to have found your page and receive your newsletters =)

  4. Hang in there Mama! You are doing great! You are amazing! How you proceed is your choice. You know what is best! Prayers for you!

  5. awww…I just read your birth announcement BEFORE this…sorry you had to go through all this at the end and had you so worried. Life never goes as planned and it is so hard to not worry. But OH MY it is all really worth the wait!

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