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Post Newborn Cloth Diaper Stash

I posted about what I have in my Newborn Diaper Stash. Weren’t those covers cute?

Now, for after the newborn stage I wanted to mostly go with OS (one size). These will go from around 10 pounds to 35 pounds. So basically will last until potty training.  I still would like to get about six more pockets but I am waiting to see which we like best before getting anymore. As of right now I have 21 pockets/AIO which is approximately three days worth of diapers.

2 POCKET -Bummis OS (8-35lbs)
1 POCKET -OS smartipants bubble gum pink (7-35lbs)
9 POCKET -OS BumGenius 4.0 (8-35lbs)
1 POCKET- OS Lotus Bumz pink monkey
1 POCKET- go green diaper OS Champ (7-40lbs)
1 POCKET – OS Babyland stars print (8-33lbs)
1 AIO – Swaddlebess OS (10-35) tweets
2 AIO – motherease size S (10-20lbs)
1 AIO – FuzziBunz Perfect Size Cloth Diaper, Butter, Size Small 7-18 lbs
1 AIO- OS GroVia owls
3 COVER- Bummis Wrap size s (8-15 lbs)
1 COVER -OS FLIP (8-35) pink

I received quite a few of these to test out which has been great. We can’t wait to use them on Shelby! My overall cost on what is above is only $133.

As or right now my look and feel my favorites are the Bum Genius. When I first started buying I thought I wanted hook and loop (velcro) but then decided that snaps will probably last longer so I am getting mostly snaps now.

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  1. Wanted to let you know that you definitely want 10-15 more diapers!
    Emerson is in all OS diapers at a month old now and he still goes through about 10-12 a day and he only poops once, if he pooped more it would be even more.

  2. What a nice stash! I have a newborn (she just turned a month today!) and my stash is mainly BumGenius 4.0s. I LOVE them. I also have some WAHM ones and I like them as well. I wish my stash was as big as yours though! lol

    Shannon F.

  3. You’ve got a nice stash going on. I’m building mine as well. I have a 23 month old that we use mostly BumGenius 4.0’s on and we love them. I also have some Fuzzibunz that we’ll likely start using on my 3 month old in the next few weeks. I only have about a dozen Fuzzibunz, which is about one day’s worth of diapers so I definitely need some more or I’ll be doing laundry every day or multiple times a day! 🙂

  4. wow,,those are so cute,,my niece is gonna to be using cloth diapers so Ive told her about yours so she can come an look

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