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*I am a brand ambassador for Aveeno for 2014. I was given the gift basket and the Aveeno skincare products for free to try.
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I am excited to join in as an AVEENO Brand Ambassador for 2014.  Going through a lot of personal things I was beyond thrilled when a gift basket arrived from AVEENO. It came right when I needed a little love.

AVEENO sent a wonderful gift basket that contained two awesome Positively Radiant products: AVEENO® Positively Radiant Makeup Removing WipesAVEENO® Positively Radiant Targeted Tone Corrector. We also received a beautiful cable knit blanket, wooden picture frame, a wonderful soothing honey, oat & milk candle and a beautiful tea mug. All these items were packed inside a beautiful basket that I have already made a home in my bathroom.

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I already have started using the AVEENO® Positively Radiant Targeted Tone Corrector and can’t wait to share more after I have been using both items for a while.

Aveeno-Ambassador-Badge*I am a brand ambassador for Aveeno for 2014. I was given the gift basket and the Aveeno skincare products for free to try.

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  1. I use aveeno body wash with moisturizing lotion. I live in northern New Hampshire and my skin gets dry in the winter but aveeno works very well.

  2. I am impressed with the Aveeno line of products. They have a great variety to choose from! What a nice package you received – enjoy it!

  3. I had never tried their products, my sister has and she just bought 2 of their products the other day. She likes the aveeno wash and she also buys the aveeno bath with the oatmeal for the dogs.

  4. What a nice basket! I think those make-up removing wipes would be a life-saver for me. I am horrible about removing my make-up at nighttime.

  5. Aveeno products work great I would love to try the
    AVEENO® Positively Radiant Targeted Tone Corrector it probably works wonders.

  6. I love Aveno,,,, especially their lotion, it just feels so creamy…. and works so well for dryness.

  7. I absolutely love Aveeno! I have used it since I was a little girl. I am very loyal to the product thank you for sharing this for others.

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