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Popsicle Spider Web Craft #PopsicleMom


If you are looking for s fun craft to do with the kids these next few days we love these cute Popsicle Spider Webs. The girls made them all by themselves and had fun making them!

We started off by heading to the store to pick up some yummy Popsicles. The Big Sticks were one of my favorites growing up and I don’t think I have ever bought them for the girls before. They loved them.  After sharing enough of the Popsicles with everyone we had enough sticks leftover to make our Spider Webs.


popsicle (3)

We dyed our sticks purple. It was really easy, we happen to have a purple ink pad at home so I added water to the ink pad and then let the ink water pour into a cup that completely submerged the sticks. After an hour I laid them out on a paper plate in the sun to dry.


What you need:

  • colored Popsicle Sticks
  • Plastic Spiders
  • White or silver string/ribbon
  • White elmers glue

First thing is to glue three of the sticks together (as shown)


Once the sticks are dry, tie a knot around one of the stick ends and have it close to the center. Then, start wrapping your ribbon around the sticks. We did two looks around the sticks before moving to the next stick.



Let your kids get creative with their ribbon wrapping. It makes the Spider Webs look unique. When you are done then just glue a plastic spider anywhere on the web!


Be sure to follow the Popsicle Party and create your own fun party at home!  You can see the entire Tour dates on Popsicle’s Facebook Page.

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