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Last week while Christmas Shopping I was at Pottery barn and one of the things I noticed was the Potpourri and how it would make my bathrooms, and pretty much the entire house smell good.

But then I saw the Poo~Pourri air freshener and thought interesting it would be to use. Poo~Pourri is a spray you use directly in your toilet bowl to make the air smell better, just like a regular air freshener would. It is made of essential oils and is safe for septic tanks.

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  1. thats pretty funny! I gave up all the caustic and spray air fresheners when I became chemical sensitive. With kids with asthma and allergies, this sounds so much safer too. I’d give it a “go”. thanks!:)

  2. This stuff is really good to use if you have guest bathrooms! I originally bought it as a funny gift for my husband but quickly noticed my bathroom never stunk again!

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