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Image1Guess what I’ll be using to send off my Holiday Cards this year?

Stamps from Picture It Postage.

oh my goodness, these are the cutest stamps ever! I have posted about Picture It Postage before and how much I loved them. Once again they proved excellent in customer service and an A+ in the quality of the product.

Uploading your image and ordering takes only minutes. Once you upload your picture they show you exactly what it looks like and then lets you zoom in or out and align your photo just how you want it. Then you get to choose the color of the “postage” part to match it to your picture. You get to see exactly how your stamp will look before you submit your order.

I’d say you have your stamps within one week of ordering.

Each pack is printed on two sheets and has enough postage for 20 mailings.

These make fabulous stocking stuffers!

“I received a product for this review on behalf of the company. All opinions are solely my own. Others who may use this product or service may have different opinions.”

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