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Pepperidge Farm Homestyle Cookies

Swimsuit season is fast approaching, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to begin depriving yourself. The Pepperidge Farm Homestyle Cookies collection allows you to indulge in sweet and simple treats without drastically boosting your daily calorie intake. Two new (crispy Oatmeal and luscious Lemon) and three improved (buttery Shortbread, simple Sugar and crunchy Gingerman) varieties, each clocking in at a skinny 160 calories or less per serving, offer a guilt-free and easy way to bring a relaxing moment to hectic mornings or afternoons on-the-go (see below for more detailed calorie information).

Pepperidge Farm Homestyle Cookies collection offers delicious cookies that deliver the cozy satisfaction of a small but rewarding indulgence anytime, any place and any reason the desire strikes.

When I first saw these cookies I thought “yum”, who doesn’t love cookies and Pepperidge Farm Homestyle Cookies at that? I couldn’t wait to try them and after doing so I will be purchasing these again. Not only do they taste really good but the fact that you can have 2 or more cookies for under 200 calories that makes a perfect desert and still is good for your waistline!  (oh and it’s a good thing we already polished off these cookies fore I start Nutrisystem!)

Available now, Pepperidge Farm Homestyle Cookies are sold in new Oatmeal and Lemon varieties, as well as improved Shortbread, Sugar and Gingerman varieties, with a suggested retail price of $3.39 at major supermarkets, grocery stores and mass merchandisers nationwide.

For additional information, please visit Consumers are encouraged to follow Pepperidge Farm on Twitter at

*A product was provided thanks to Pepperidge Farm Homestyle Cookies.

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  1. I love Pepperidge Farms cookies. I must try these. My favorite indulgence is still mint Milano though!

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