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PediaCare® has a new product called Smooth Melts™ *Giveaway closedt* #keepkidshealthy

Tracking Pixel PediaCare® is our go to children’s medicine when our kids are not feeling well. I am pleased to partner with PediaCare® to share about their newest product and why PediaCare® is dedicated to kid’s health.

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It’s October which means cold and flu are upon us along with lots of fall/winter allergies! My children have so many activities this time of the year I do everything possible to keep them as healthy as possible.  Just this week alone my kids had dance twice for three hours, Girl Scouts and Orchestra Practice not to mention Snowboarding soon. This weekend we have Nutcracker Ballet practice. All of these activities require dedication but most importantly healthy kids.


But sometimes the girls just are’t feeling too good with headaches and sometimes a slight fever. As you can imagine having kids in sports and other activities can lead to sore muscles and other aches.  I am glad I can turn to PediaCare® for all of my kids when they need a pain reliever.  PediaCare® is a brand I can trust from their infant drops to allergy medicines to pain relievers.

I recently had the opportunity to attend a webinar with PediaCare® and Dr. David Hill and learned a little more about PediaCare® and their newest product Smooth Melts™. The Smooth Melts™ is a Fever Reducer/Pain Reliever. It’s another great-tasting product from PediaCare® that contains acetaminophen to help reduce your child’s fever. I am beyond excited for this newest product because it’s something I can keep with me at all times for my kids. Each Smooth Melts™  is already a pre-measured dose of medicine and they taste great!

A few things I learned during the Webinar is that not only are they providing effective and great-tasting medicines for infants and children, and is the brand that is 100% dedicated to kids. I also learned that the #1 reason children don’t take medicine is taste. We all start life with lots of taste buds, but lose up to half of them over time, which is why children experience flavors very differently from adults.

As a result, PediaCare® specially develops its products to have a taste geared towards kids. Also, it is recommended that after taking medicine kids should rinse out their mouth with water or brush their teeth.

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PediaCare® has partnered with pediatrician and father, Dr. David Hill, author of Dad to Dad: Parenting like a Pro, to develop informational videos offering tips for caregivers on what to do when their child gets sick.

Available nationwide at Rite Aid and on  For more information about PediaCare and the full line of products, please visit, or join us on Facebook at and on Twitter at @PediaCare


15 winners will be selected to receive a PediaCare® care package that will include assorted PediaCare® products and a book (ARV $75).


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*This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of PediaCare®

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32 Responses to “PediaCare® has a new product called Smooth Melts™ *Giveaway closedt* #keepkidshealthy”

  1. Maggie C says:

    The Junior and Children’s acetaminophen drives me nuts! I can never remember which one is stronger and therefore the one I need.

  2. Nancy Sloan says:

    This would be great for the grandkids

  3. D Schmidt says:

    We have actually never used an over the counter medication, its something I have considered but always been concerned about dosage.

  4. Kim says:

    my kids would LOVE this.. we use OTC meds sometimes, no probs

  5. Christine says:

    I always have to be careful about what flavor I get. If it’s grape flavored medicine they’ll take it without a fight. Otherwise it’s not so fun.

  6. sandra says:

    we have been pleased with the target brand of ibuprofen

  7. Cindy Castro says:

    I’ve never tried the Pedia Care brand and will look for it the next time I’m at the store. We have quite a few bottles of OTC meds (both liquid and tablet) the kids won’t take because they don’t like the taste. I hope they’ll like the Pedia Care brand.

  8. Jenna Woo says:

    I have seen these Smooth Melts- I am all for any ays to make taking ‘medicine’ easier on children. We’ve trusted PediaCare for generations now!

  9. Amy Desrosiers says:

    The other night, Pediacare saved us big time when my daughter registered a 102.3 fever!!It dropped it right down to 98 within 30 minutes!!

  10. Elizabeth P. says:

    Oh this is awesome! My son fights me in taking the liquid stuff & more gets “spit up” than taken in.

  11. Daisy says:

    We’ve used PediaCare in the past when he was sick and it worked wonders. We haven’t tried Smooth Melts yet. I bet that my son would like these.

  12. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    We always use PediaCare. It is one of the few things my kids like and won’t fight me on.

  13. These would have been so handy to have when my kids were little. All I ever had was liquid.

  14. I will have to find these. They are a great idea!

  15. Shauna says:

    I had no clue these were out. I am totally going to have to check them out…

  16. I really, REALLY wish these had been around when my niece and nephew were younger. They were absolute BEASTS about taking their medicine.

  17. Dee Mauser says:

    I was thrilled when manufacturers started making the melts medications. They’re so much nicer for kids who can’t swallow pills.

  18. Dawn says:

    This is great. It’s really hard for kids to take pills.

  19. Cristi Comes says:

    I love this kind of medication for my daughter especially. She hates taking any kind of medicine but I can tell her its candy when its in this form and she’ll usually go for it. haha

  20. Ann BAcciaglia says:

    These would have been great when my kids were little. I always had a heck of a time giving them medicine.

  21. These are the greatest invention ever. Kids generally have a terrible time taking pills, and they HATE liquid medicine.

  22. What a great idea. It’s so hard to get kids to take medicine.

  23. Liz Mays says:

    Boy, could I have used these when my daughter was young. She got several colds every school year, and she hated taking medicine.

  24. Nolie says:

    This is perfect for my youngest. He hates the taste of liquid medicine.

  25. Kristin says:

    We have used pediacare on morw then one occasion. Great stuff, Thank you for sharing.

  26. susan says:

    the experiences I have had with OTC medicine, are usually bad, my daughter gives me such a hard time taking them, but I think she would love these.

  27. Ronni says:

    We actually just bought this a week or so ago. Guess what? NO fight! It was such a nice change!

  28. I hadn’t heard of these! We use the liquid kind. I’ll have to check these out.

  29. Nannypanpan says:

    I don’t like that acetaminophen products are no longer dosed on the box for young kids

  30. Lisa says:

    My oldest can’t swallow pills and hates liquid so this is perfect! I’m going to have to add some to my medicine cabinet STAT.

  31. Lisa L says:

    OTC children’s medicines has always worked well for my kids

  32. trixx says:

    I always use OTC children’s medicine for my daughter when she doesnt feel well