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PART 3: Why I want a natural (birth center) birth

Now that I shared my births with Sam (PART 1: Why I want a natural (birth center) birth) and with Sarah (PART 2: Why I want a natural (birth center) birth). Some can see why I want a natural birth at a free standing birth center.

Some people might ask what is offered at a birth center. That is  a great question. One I asked myself when I was researching birthing options if we ever had a 3rd baby.  While I knew  a home birth was not something I wanted to do I wanted the environment to be as close to that of being at home as possible.

When I found out we were expecting in fall of 2010 I called and made my first appointment with Leonette, but sadly we miscarried. Seven months later we were expecting Shelby and when I called Leonette again, they were amazing, and so concerned with my emotional state.

Leonette saw me right away, and I spent my first prenatal appointment crying. She was awesome. She reassured me that things would be OK. Instead of seeing her every month we started off with every two week appointments. Not because I was high risk or anything.

If your considered high risk then they can not take you at the Birth Center, but because she wanted to put my mid at ease and to know everything was going to be OK.  I’ve had more prenatal appointments than I can count and I love it. I love that I have gotten to know the staff, that we chat about everything in life and we laugh. They have become like a fmaily to us.

No matter what kind of questions I have Leonette always has great advice or suggestions. When my morning sickness was horrible she gave me different natural suggestions to try. She listened to me and my concerns. When  cried from my emotions going crazy she was there with hugs and supporting words.

My birth plan is set, and my midwife is awesome. She said “Don’t make your birth plan saying “I would like”, make your plan saying “this is what I want”.” She lets you know it’s YOUR L&D and YOU cna have it any way you like.

My plan is to have a water birth. My plan is to walk around as much as I need to, or labor in the water, or labor on a birth call. The best thing is I am in control. When the baby is born, she is given right to me and stays with me and daddy. Leonette says that the only time the baby is not in my arms is when she is dong the typical newborn assessment, which she does on the bed next to me.  She also let me know that typically moms and babes get to go home 4 or so hours after birth. But in our case if the baby is born in the middle of the night then she would suggest us wait until day light to go home. Mountain roads in the winter can be icy and the mountain can be foggy. February is when we get the most snow and ice so it is better for us to stay if we need to.

Now, I am not saying that hospitals are bad. Because they are not. It’s just important for moms to know they have a right and a say.

I want a natural birth center birth because I want to allow my body to do what it is meant to do. God made our bodies to birth babies. I have had two easy deliveries with no tears and one of those babies was almost 9lbs. I KNOW my body can do it and I want to spend my last birth with just my husband in an environment that is calm, quiet, and peaceful for our baby to make her entrance.

In my mind I have the birth laid out, and it’s perfect. Positive thoughts and encouragement to the baby in hopes she cooperates with my plan.

and yes, in case of emergency we do have a backup plan. Emergencies can happen during L&D. Even when the pregnancy is low risk and everything is progressing smoothly. There is always the option of transferring to the hospital which is right down the street.

Let me say I am not against hospital births, I am not against being induced or c-sections. Things happen and the unforeseen can arise. I am glad that these things are available for those that need it. I am grateful that we do have other options in case of emergency.


Did you get the birth you wanted?

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  1. Leonette sounds like a wonderful choice!! I am so excited that you will have the perfect birth plan and I love that this time your baby stays with you!

  2. Thank you for sharing with us. I did a natural birth too, and thank God it’s not as scary as people say! 🙂

  3. I totally agree with everything here. I am so glad we have hospitals and OBs and c-sections. But since my pregnancy is so easy and low-risk so far, I just don’t see the need to use those options at this point. I hope your birth is exactly as you dream!

    1. Thanks Eileen, I hope I get what I am hoping for. I am glad though that the hospital is literally down the street just in case.

  4. This sounds like heaven to me. I wish I had had some options like this years ago but I had no information then. I would totally do this also. My sister did have one of her kids in a hospital and they offered the Leboyer (?) method of birth. She said it was amazing…my nephew came out and never cried. just looked around. They played soft music and had low light and she said was magical. Birthing babies has become so “clinical and commercial”. LOL> Sounds funny but so true. Look at how much control has been placed in docs and insurance companies, etc. It is big business really, as most families have at least 2 kids. Think about that. It is the way of our world. So happy they have all the emergency care though…we just had a tiny grandson two months ago and was only 1lb 15 oz. He would never have survived without the exemplary care of the NICU staff. So I am also not against hospitals, but in a normal and healthy birth, I think parents should have more options like you mentioned.

  5. You can tell just by how you wrote this post, that you are very comfortable and at ease with your choice, that you’ve done your research and made the best choice for you and your family. And it all sounds so lovely! Honestly it has me considering looking to see if I have any birth centers around in my area!

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