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PART 2: Why I want a natural (birth center) birth

Sarah's Birthday

Now that I shared my birth with my first daughter (PART 1: Why I want a natural (birth center) birth) I figured I should share my birth with my 2nd daughter.

But first let me back u to when Samantha was 14 months old and as I had said in Part 1. I learned about Leonette and everything she had to offer. She was exactly what I wanted. Who I wanted to be my care provider and help bring our next child into the world.

A year later I found out I was pregnant with Sarah. 18 months of trying to conceive and taking clomid we had another sweet baby girl on the way. I immediately called The Birth Center and set up my first appointment. I was so excited to get to use Leonette. I had spent the past year doing research on natural labors and that women had a say. I was in shock because so much that happened during my first L&D didn’t have to go down that way. I had a say in things. I had a say in what happened with MY baby.

Sadly though that hope of a midwife was out the window for many different reasons. Even though at the time we lived in Riverside, we traveled up to lake Arrowhead to see the OBGYN in the mountain.

I guess you could say my prenatal care was fine. I went every 4 weeks to the OB. I talked with his nurses more than I ever did him. At my 39 week appointment he told me that I was 0cm dilated and 0% effaced and I would more than likely go well past my due date. He then also let me know he would be leaving on vacation later that day and he’d see me in a week.

That appointment was at 9am. By 1pm that same say I was in labor, although I did not know it was labor yet. I took a nap and then around 3pm realized that my uterus kept contracting in a regular pattern. It did not hurt one bit so I figured it was just Braxton Hicks. Around 5pm I had Hubby call the OB office and they said “well if your having contractions every 4 minutes then you might as well go get checked”. So we headed to the hospital and I was indeed in labor and already at 4cm!

This part is when I put my foot down and knew how I wanted my L&D to go. I had my birth plan and I gave it to my on-call nurse, who was awesome! She read it and said, “great! We can make most of this possible for you”.  I did need an IV for GBS, even though I was not tested with baby #2 I just said to give it to me. But I asked for a heparin lock, which meant I did not HAVE to be hooked to the IV my entire L&D. I did not want to spend time in bed unless I had to.

From 7pm until 12 am I walked the halls of the hospital, and only checking back in with my nurse every 45 minutes for about 10 minutes for a quick IV dose of antibiotics for GBS. My labor was going exactly how I wanted!

Then the back labor started. I was 8cm and realized I probably couldn’t walk anymore, so my nurse broke my water and that’s when the pain was so intense I didn’t know what to do. This is where I wish I had a midwife there to encourage me and motivate me to breath trough the contractions. My body knew what to do and COULD do it.  (reason I want a natural birth)

I did get something in my IV that was supoose to take the edge off, but all it did was make me so loopy. I did not like this. I did not like that I felt totally drugged and I felt like I was slurring my words. So I got an epidural…. barely… we waited a very long time for the anesthesiologist to come. It was past midnight, and up in the small town you basically have to wait for them to get out of bed, get dressed and head over to the hospital. I almost wasn’t able to get it. As soon as it was placed I was rolled over and told time to push.

The new OB showed up to deliver. I had never met the guy. (reason I want a natural birth)

This OB pissed me off! Not only was I forced to push on my back but when I tried to mvoe to make it more comfortable for me to birth my baby he yelled at me.  Baby was born after 45 minutes of pushing and he left minutes after delivering the placenta. Like I cared, all he did was deliver the baby, and quite frankly my nurse could have done it.

My nurse was amazing. She knew my wishes of wanting the baby with me, and that I wanted to nurse as soon as I could. Once they had Sarah all clean and wrapped up she gave her me. Now, there are things that happened that while I know are protocol for Hospitals, would not happen with a natural birth center birth.

Postpartum ——- Because I had done more research I knew how I wanted my PP to be. One thing the hospital dd not have a nursery, so the baby stays with mom the entire time. But I was exhausted and needed sleep (Sarah was born around 2am and it was around 4am that I was in my PP room). So I did let Sarah go to the nurse station. The nurses had fun holding her but I made strict guidelines that no one is allowed to give her a bottle. If the baby was fussy and needed to be nursed they would bring her right back to me. And they did. My PP with Sarah was awesome. BECAUSE I, the mom put my foot down and said how I wanted to be treated and how I wanted my baby treated.

I learned that moms HAD a say in their labor, delivery, postpartum care AND the care of their baby.

But I still had things that happened that made me sad I didn’t get my natural birth center birth.  Like the cord being clamped right away and I had to wait for THEM to tell ME when I got to finally hold my baby. Overall my birth experience with Sarah was wonderful. I was walking right away,  I had no tears but I had to wait for the hospitals protocol of 24 hour stay.


This is reason #2 I did not want another hospital birth. And why I want a natural Birth Center birth.

Did you get the birth you wanted?

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  1. Good for you for taking charge Mandy. sounds like it went SO much better. I wish I had had the courage(?) to do this. Took me til baby #3 to get this straight. Things are different though these days. I was just in a couple of months ago when my daughter had her baby. They actually push for certain things like holding the baby right away, DEFinitely nursing right away and rooming in as much as possible. My daughter was exhausted though on the second night and also sent lil princess to the nursery with orders not to feed formula. She went all through the night with about 17 hours of labor and needed a rest AS did I. You really DO havew to advocate for yourselves cuz’ no one else will!

  2. We definitely get wiser as we get older and experience more! My first OB/Gyn was similar, she was fast and furious. With my second and third delivery, I made sure to get a doctor that would spend time with me and he did! I just need for him not to retire before I have another baby! A good birth experience definitely makes a huge difference!

  3. Thank you for sharing your birth story! It makes me consider to contact my OB as often as I can to make sure that she’ll be the one who help me deliver the baby!

  4. This sounds so much better, but still hard. I totally agree that one reason I love my midwives is I know I will have one of the two of them at my birth, unless there is some freak occurrence where they have two births on the same day and one is out of town, or something!

  5. Wow, it really does sound like this was almost 100% better than with Samantha! That alone is worth the experience, thank you so much for sharing it’s nice to know all of this info going into the next chapter of my life!

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