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PART 1: Why I want a natural (birth center) birth

Samantha's Birthday

I have had many questions from others lately about why I am using a midwife with a birth center and not a typical OB and having the baby in a hospital. Then they automatically assume it’s a home birth. No, I am not having a home birth but I am using a free standing birth center, which is basically as close to a home birth as you can get.

I first learned about Leonette when Samantha was 14 months old. A friend told me about her experience and how awesome it was with Leonette.

It took me back to my labor and delivery with Samantha. While it was a fairly easy birth looking back there were so many things that did happen that really did not need to. First, I was induced at 39 weeks with Sam. There was absolutely NO medical reason for this. I was dilated to a 3 and about 60% effaced at my appt. and I did have a midwife (who I adored, and I had high hopes for a close one on one L&D with her). She felt sorry for me and said, “well I am working at the hospital tomorrow so if you want I can go ahead and induce you tonight.”  I said yes, because really I had no idea what happened during induced labors.

I arrived around 11pm, had an IV started an pitocin. By 3am the pain from the contractions were so intense and right on top of each other I begged for an epidural. The nurses told me that since I still was at a 3-4 I would be stuck in bed, couldn’t get up and would need a catheter. I agreed through the ears. There I laid until 9 am when my epidural wore off and I was in the most pain ever. I am pretty sure my pitocin was set high as the contractions hurt like heck. They called in the anesthesiologist and upped my epidural. (how many reasons in this paragraph can you find why I want a natural birth)

At some point the baby’s heart rate started having decels so I was put on oxygen. (reason right here I want a natural birth)

Not once did my midwife check on me this entire time. She (my midwife) finally came in around 1 pm to check me and found that because my epidural was so high I had no feeling and no idea that the baby was practically crowning on her own. (another reason I want a natural birth)

10 minutes of pushing and Sam was born. perfect and healthy.

But…. BUT I had no idea about any of their protocol after delivery. An hour after she was born they took her away to the nursery. They didn’t bring her back until almost 6pm. Where they told me they have her a bottle of formula because she was hungry. My heart sank. “But I wanted to breastfeed” I cried. I never had any bonding time with her, I didn’t get to be the first person to feed her. I felt like all of my choices as a mother were taken away from me.  I did attempt to breastfeed, but sadly Sam was already used to the bottle and didn’t want to work for her food and I gave up nursing. (again.. how many reasons here can you find why I want a natural birth?)

What I learned after my first L&D. I had no say in anything that happened to me. I was told what to do, and sadly had no bonding time with the baby. I also did not even get to feed her first.

Postpartum —– My PP with Sam was not enjoyable one bit. Thankfully I was there for only 24 hours. But I was poked and prodded the entire time. Sam was taken to the nursery a few times and all while I thought “it was normal”.

This is reason #1 I did not want another hospital birth. And why I want a natural Birth Center birth.

Did you get the birth you wanted?


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  1. OH my that sounds so familiar. With my first two I was pretty young. 20 and 22 and I just thought the docs knew everything and should never ask or question. They left me the last two hours without anyone checking me because they just assumed I would not be ready. I know I could have pushed at least an hour if not before my first was born. NOBODY WAS LISTENING TO ME! I also stayed in the bed the whole time as I had an IV and never questioned. HELLO< IV carts can be moved to walk and have gravity help you move the baby down. I learned to ask, tell, ponder…and say how I wanted it to go…of course within reason and barring no complications. We pay people for this "medical service" as pregnancy is not a medical disease. Babies were born since the beginning of time without so much medical intervention. Yes, I do appreciate the benefits of this and how far we have come to SAFELY deliver. But really, the powers that be take WAY too much control in hand when it is OUR body and we want to be able to call the shots such as nursing immediately, bonding, staying in with parents vs going to nursery. etc. So sorry you had a less than stellar experience Mandy. Ya' know, you dont get that back so there is NOTHING wrong with asking for what you want and having a plan in place. It's all about having a healthy, happy family in the end~

  2. I hate they took the baby away from you after delivery! With my last pregnancy I had a c-section and my baby did not leave the room without me! With the other two babies, they left me only for hearing test. It must depend on the hospital as to if the baby leave the mom after birth.

  3. I’m glad my OB is supporting natural birth, almost 90% she helped delivery with natural birth! thank you for sharing your story, :

  4. I’m having my first at a birth center, too, and am so looking forward to it. “I felt like all of my choices as a mother were taken away from me.” This is exactly what I have always feared about birth, it’s not the pain, it’s being put in this position. I’m glad you found an option that is a better fit for you this time!

  5. Thank you for sharing your experience! It’s good to hear so that I learn what I need to say. I don’t having a birthing center choice where I live.

  6. Wow, this is great information as I am just at the starting point, and some great things to consider when deciding what I want for me and my baby!

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