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Our Week in Pictures (week 20)

wow…. baby Shelby is now 21 weeks old! in 2 days she turns 5 yes FIVE months old! Where has five months gone???? Shelby makes me smile all day long. She is such a sweet calm baby and loves her family.

This week I pretty much spent every single day except for one with my older sister. We have such a nice time getting together, trying to relax while the older kids run around!

I think all three of the bigger kids are getting bored and we are planning a fun trip to the local water park. Hopefully on the 12th we can go.

Shelby…. she loves to roll, talk and make noises. Oh this week she also started to suck her toes. “oh hi feet” is what we say to her when she plays with her feet/toes.

Our furniture arrived this past week so we have been so busy unpacking and getting organized. I think I*might* be getting used to the heat… and of course this week it’s in the 100’s! (eek)

Shelby still fits in some of her 0-3 month clothes, but she can also fit into 6-9 month clothes.

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