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Our week in pictures (week 17)

This past week we moved from Southern California to Texas. Friday was one long, stressful busy day! The house was completely packed up for weeks so the kids basically stayed outside playing all day.

We had tons of friends over all week to play, sleepover and have fun. The girls got to say by to all their friends. We celebrated the 4th with one of our closest family friends and had a wonderful time.

Shelby learned to roll over! Monday she did it once, Tuesday she did it twice. Wednesday she didn’t have the chance because I held her all day but on Thursday as soon as I put her on her back she instantly rolls onto her stomach and wont stop!

This week we also celebrated Shelby turning 4 months old!

My camera was accidentally packed away in the moving truck so these are all the photos I have from my cell phone

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  1. Love the pictures! I’m sure you had a long day with moving, but now you can get unpacked and hopefully find time to relax the rest of the summer. Enjoy your little ones.

  2. Four months certainly flies by, doesn’t it? Your daughters are adorable! I especially love the group shot on 4th of July. Congrats on the move!

  3. it is so much fun to see them rollover, but now you have to be extra cautious! my daughter rolled over one time then stopped for a few weeks, and rolled of the couch when i turned for a second, it was aweful

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