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Our Week in Pictures (week 16)

Happy 17 weeks Shelby Rae! I can’t believe this week has just FLOWN! The kids and I had fun (as much as we could). The girls played with friends all week! The girls also went to Market Night with Cindi and her boys and finally got to ride the bumper cars in the Village.

Last weekend we went to Napa on the Coleman Campout and had a lot of fun.

This week Shelby started purposely reaching for things and grabbing her toys. She also found her feet!

She has officially outgrown newborn clothing as well! I think she is around 14 lbs. 0-3 months still fit her pretty well but some onesies are getting tight!

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7 Responses to “Our Week in Pictures (week 16)”

  1. courtney b says:

    i love all her different headbands, you have so many! such loving sisters!

  2. Marcie W. says:

    Looks like another really fun week. I love the little wading pool pics!

  3. Niña says:

    Such a cute family.
    It seems like it was a super fun family bonding!

  4. Jessica Beard says:

    Looks like a fun week! I love when babies find their feet, it is the cutest thing!

  5. Jay@craftyspices says:

    Great pics, love all the different expressions, so cute…

  6. christine jessamine says:

    the coleman camp out looks like it would have been a ton of fun. hopefully they do it again soon!

  7. Christine Wooldridge says:

    love the baby swing!

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