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Our Week in Pictures (week 13)

This past week Samantha went to Tavern Bay on a Field Trip and Sarah went to Big Bear on a Field Trip. Sarah also had a report to do on a Desert Animal and she picked Kangaroo Rat.

Samantha also had Spring Recital for her beginning Hip Hop Class. It was so cute! Sarah only takes ballet and ballet is not in Spring Showcase. we have one more week of dance left. It will be very strange to go to a new dance studio in the fall.

This next week is the last week of school!

Daddy left early this morning for Texas!

Shelby is so much fun, she loves to sit and talk to you, smile and coo. She loves being held. She still can wear 0-3 month clothing.

Super excited for summer to begin!

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  1. I’m sure it’s tough with your hubs leaving but just know your family will be living the same fabulous life in a new location soon! (Can you tell I’m a BIG Austin area fan?) Love how busy your girls are and a great balance with school and fun too.

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