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Our Week in Pictures (week 10)

Today Shelby is 11 weeks old! This week has been fun with her too. She has this adorable personality and loves to smile at you. When she gets upset and is hungry she makes noise (obviously) but then the first minute of nursing she “yells” at me. She makes all kinds of noises and continues to talk until she finally gives in to eating.

She has been taking the binkie and self soothing. I can tell the “I’m tired” cry now and can lay her down and let her soothe herself to sleep.

She loves to sit and stare at things. It cracks me up because she will start talking to her different mobiles. She is fascinated with my cell phone now and loves to stare it while I am on it.

Shelby loves to talk. She sits in her swing, or the play pen and talks away. When someone talks to her she sits and talks back.

The girls had a fun week of just playing with their friends. They even attended their first minor league baseball game with their grandma and papa.

Here is Shelby yesterday – May 18th 2012

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  1. Oh my gosh, she is already saying her “L” sound! That’s incredible and one of the hardest sounds to make! Only S and R are maybe more difficult?

    She is so darling Amanda! Love her pics but video is even BETTER! What adorable dark eyes…she just pulls you in!

  2. You have the most beautiful bunch of little girls. And how did you get so lucky to be blessed with just girls. LUCKY!!! I have one 8 year old girl and I wish I could add at least one more girl, but God decided just one is good enough for us. I’m okay with that cuz at least I’m a mommy! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your fortunes with us, your readers.

    PS. By the way…I LOVE your new blog look!

    kimbuckjr at yahoo dot com

  3. Aww – she is darling! Great pictures! They grow so fast! I have a 3 and 1 year old and can’t wait to welcome 1 more peanut in September!

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