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Our Week in Pictures (8 weeks)

Week 8 and we celebrated Shelby turning TWO months old! Lots of smiles and coos from Shelby! Not a whole lot has changed this week with Shelby except that she has grown! Clothes are getting smaller, headbands don’t slip and she is just so darn cute!

The girls are enjoying the warm spring weather and playing outside.

I have had lots of days where Shelby just doesn’t want to sleep, or she will cry unless you are walking around with her. It gets for an exhausted mommy and a very messy house!

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  1. She is beautiful Mandy (all your girls are!) Isla STILL doesn’t like to be put down. She loves to be on the move. Needless to say, between working and taking care of her, very little gets done at my house!

  2. i love the headbands they have out now for baby girls, it is a huge necessity when you have a bald baby with slow growing hair.

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