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Our Week in Pictures (5 weeks)

This past week was so busy! I can not believe how fast it came and went.  Shelby enjoyed her first Easter with her big sisters and our friends.

She also gave daddy tons of smiles and coos. It’s much harder for me to get those big grins but I did catch one she gave daddy and it melted my heart!

One thing she does when she’s laying in my lap is touch my arm, when I look down at her she is staring and has a half smile. When I smile back at her she coos at me. It is amazing seeing her little personality starting to come through!

I also have started seeing a pattern at her night sleeping pattern. YAY! Usually around 10pm she goes to sleep and has her longest sleep until around 1am, wakes up to eat, sleeps until 3 am, wakes up to each, sleeps until 5:30 eats, and then up around 7:30 until I can get her to take a late morning nap.

The girls have lots planned this weekend with their grandparents, and Pat and I are taking them to Disneyland on Monday and Tuesday!

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  1. The newest addition is absolutely beautiful! AND THE HAIR! My daughter was bald until almost 2 yrs old! She could be head to toe pink and people would still say what a cute little boy she is. Grrr. Sorry, I digressed! She is gorgeous/ :o)

  2. I love it when they show their cute personalities being this tiny! I miss my daughter being so small, enjoy it while you can!

  3. OMG I love the onsie with your last name on it. My boyfriend just ordered a onsie for the Rangers team with Lila’s name and #24 (day she was born). I can’t wait until it get here.

    Love the arm under the head poses – they’re so contemplative.

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