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Our Week in Pics (week 82)

Just another busy week, we all were excited to start a new month!

Shelby has been saying a lot of new words:
go, eat, waves hello and goodbye and says “hi” and “bye”, Papa, Daddy, Mommy (unless she is mad then she says “MA”, Mantha (Samantha), no, yeah, pwese (please), tan-to (thank you),

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  1. Eileen Richter says:

    We have two grandkids here, one lives with us and the other comes for day care. My daughter also watches to others very part time. They are all between 18 months and just 2. It is so cute they are all communicating now. It is funny how the moms (or caretakers, grandmas, etc) learn their very unique language at this age. Thank you sounds ALL different coming from each of the four. Very exciting time of their growth and often hilarious!

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