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Our Week in Pics (week 54)

It seems the weeks just flu by! He we are in another week! Crazy!!!!

This week was gir scouts, softball , dance, girl scouts, ballet, play dates, and we are officially done with Snowboarding!

Now we start Softball!!!! I made the mistake of not putting sunblock in the diaper bag. Shelby and I got fried!

Shelby decided to finally try taking steps!

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  1. yay congrats on Shelly taking her first steps! mine just did a couple of days ago too! i would love to snowboard!

  2. Wow! I am loving the beautiful sunshine and grass you have! All you can see here is SNOW yet!!!! Great pictures. Love the one with the box. Our kids have a fetish with boxes too.

  3. What adorable girls you have…
    I have two grown sons and it seems
    like, just yesterday, they were boys!
    Thanks, Cindi

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