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Our Week in Pics (week 34)

Today Shelby is 35 weeks old! She is 8 months old!!! Where the heck has the time gone??? Shelby had her 8 Mont appt. Shots, height and weight done. She is 18.5 pounds, 26.5 inches and head is 17.5″. All is right around 50% which is perfect. She loves to pull up and the past few days has “tried” to walk along furniture. I have a feeling she will be an early walker like Sarah was.

This past week was tons of fun.. I mean it was Halloween and all! The girls had fun going to different parties and of course Trick or Treating with friends and family! They had quite a few different costumes to wear this year and had fun dressing up! But when it came down to Trick or Treating I was happy Sarah wanted to be Ariel like she had originally planned. I had her dress custm made from a gal on Etsy. Her work is so much better than any costume you buy in the store AND I spent less on the dress than I would have buying the cheaper costume!

Samantha fell in love with this Mad Hatter costume, and so did I! She looked cute! Shelby was a mini ballerina. It didn’t get cold enough to put Sam’s old Pumpkin costume on her, but I did bring it just in case.

Here is Shelby clapping with Auntie Shannon. This is the first time she has clapped!

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