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our week in pics (week 30) – 7 Months Old!

Shelby is seven months old! Wow.. month six flew by! This week Shelby has started dancing!

All week we played and had fun visiting with family. Nothing fun and exciting, except Shelby changes every single day!

her “mmmm” (mama) is more and more often, and sometimes it sounds like she tries to say
hi”. I also taught her to knock on doors. so when she crawls up to doors she knocks on them. it’s funny.

Here is Shelby dancing



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6 Responses to “our week in pics (week 30) – 7 Months Old!”

  1. Betty Baez says:

    Aaaw you have a beautiful family, the video is hilarious how adorable!

  2. Janet F says:

    You have a beautiful family! I love the cute video of Shelby dancing.

    Our children grow so fast and time sees to fly but all the precious memories are ours to savor.

  3. Jaime Nicole says:

    What a precious family! They are so going to appreciate these weekly photos when they are older! Great job, Mom!

  4. Jessica Beard says:

    Cute pictures and video! It is so cute when they start dancing too. They just love music.

  5. lauren england says:

    love the dancing

  6. Christine Wooldridge says:

    cute video

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