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Our week in pics (week 19)

Shelby 4 months – cousin G is 3.5 weeks

another week has gone by! This week went fast and slow.. the days we were out and about went super fast but the days we just sat at home went soooooo slow!

I always look forward to Saturdays because it means the next two days hubby has off and we can all just hang out!

Lets see, this week we were introduced to scorpions in the house! It literally has scared the bejeezus out of me. We have had Terminix come out and spray and they will be back on Monday as well. They say that all the rain we got may have had something to do with them coming into the house, because apparently there were other houses this past week they had to spray for scorpions. either way GAG!

Shelby has started to do these fake laughs, but she kinda yells when she does it. it’s the cutest thing ever! She loves to talk and just kicks her legs.

The girls have been lucky to spend a good portion of the week hanging out with their cousin C and cooing at their baby cousin G. Baby G is I believe 8.5 lbs now so you can see how big Shelby is. I tried weighing her myself and got her around 14 lbs 10 ozs so she has definitely grown.

We SHOULD see the moving company this coming week…. oh I hope so!

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  1. Love the frog picture! I hope the rest of the is week is a good one! I can not wait to hear you got your stuff back. Not too much longer and school will start. Have you found a good school for the girls? You should post a video of her sweet laugh. I miss the new baby laugh.

  2. She is a cutie pie and is growing so fast! It’s amazing how quickly they grow out of their
    Infant Clothing

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